We increase your profit margin!

Upgrading your existing extrusion line with a CDF Filter and Cascade extruder from MAS can increase your throughput by up to 50%, this translates into an increased turnover of up to 4 million Euro per annum. Additionally, the quality of the pellets produced with an MAS extrusion line are substantially higher, transportation costs are lower due to higher bulk density, and significantly lower energy consumption.

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+ 56 % throughput
+ 15 % bulk density
+ 4,000.000,- € turnover
-0,1 kWh/kg

The efficient degassing performance
increases the bulk density, reduces
the transportation costs, and
improves the quality of the pellets.

The energy consumption of the patented MAS conical co-rotating twin screw extruder is, compared to traditional extrusion lines, significantly lower. This means you can save up to 100,000.- Euro per annum (and more!) on energy costs alone.

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