We increase your profit margin!

Since the formation of MAS by Mr. Helmuth Schulz in 2006, the guiding principles of the company and indeed of every employee has been that; innovative technology leads to measurably better results. Clear, unquestionable, and distinctive in process, in field andnot least quality.

Over 40 years expertise in machine engineering within the plastics industry, numerous industry specific patents as well as the engineering spirit provide the foundation of this technology.


Economic solutions are the driving factor for decisive performance indicators.

The goal for every project and development we make is to economically recycled used plastics to be suitable for new products and applications. In the course of this Re-Compounding, the mixing of a variety of plastics with minerals and additives plays a major role.
The machine concept used for this advantage is patented by MAS. The machines and equipment from MAS are capable of producing pellets, semi-finished products such as tiles, pipes or other profiles, directly in one continuous step.


Highest efficiency for new lines, integration, and upgrading 

MAS is a system house for planning, engineering, production, as well as sales of plastic processing equipment and machinery for recycling, refining, and extrusion of plastic and plastic based compounds.


Core competence:

  • Dry cleaning of used plastic with the innovative DRD system (Double Rotor Disc)
  • Processing of plastics and compounds in the World’s first conical co-rotating twin screw extruder.
  • Continuous melt filtration with the CDF (Continuous Disc Filter)


Advantageous technology that pays off

The worldwide ever-increasing costs for energy and resources demand efficient solutions which will be the decisive factor for your bottom line.
Therefore, MAS is offering a resource efficient solution, that saves energy costs and simultaneously processes the input materials gently. Those advantages translate to a quick amortisation of the investment and will be a key factor for the future overall positive outcome.


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