Kreyenborg- Schmelzefilter SW 200 4K R

Back flush Screen changer Type Kreyenborg SWE 200 4K / 4RS, construction year 2014

For processing of:  PET / PP / ABS / PS  melt  

Output: approx.  1000 –  1200 kg/h 
(depending on required recipe, viscosity of the Polymer and required filtration finesse) 


Straight flown double piston melt filter with 4 screens in operation.
Two pistons allow a screen change during operation. Very low pressure built up because of optimum design of straight flown melt channels. Long life time of the screens because of back flush system 

Technical data:

2 screens per piston, Ø: 4x 200mm
Total screen surface: 4 x 314 cm2 = 1256 cm2
Filtration finesse: 120 µm
Total installed heating capacity: approx. 72 kW
Hydraulic unit: 7,5 kW/9,8/min

During back flush 75% of total filter surface in operation.
During screen change 50% of total filter surface in operation