MAS Re-Compounding Linie Type MAS 55-k + CDF 300 [VERKAUFT!]

MAS 55- K Extruder + CDF 300 melt filter 
Recycling /  Re- compounding line

(Construction year 2018, condition like new, Line wasn’t yet in production /  operation;)

For processing of:  PE / PP / ABS / PS PC-ABS…etc;  regrind 
and additives in pellet or powder  form, 

Output: approx.  300 – 500kg/h (depending on required recipe, viscosity of the Polymer and required filtration finesse) 

Dosing unit (s) for Re- Compounding and platform for installation of dozing units to be prepared by customer; (can get offered by MAS on request)

MAS 55-L Extruder

Pos. 1 Feeding hopper MAS 55-L Extruder
  all parts in contact with the input material are made of NIRO
  suitable for feeding all of all the input materials listed
  Incl. stub Ø 200mm (type Jacobs) for the suction unit provided by the customer

MAS 55-K Extruder

Pos. 2 MAS 55-K Extruder
  cascade design for reinforced (2 stage) degassing
  including operator interface controlling system “patented technology”